The Love Effect

--- Winona & Robert L. Hollis ---

Heartbroken? Divorced?? Single-again??? We've been there. We get it! Heartbreak is real... but it is avoidable. The Love Effect covers hot topics like online dating, divorce aftercare, and healing after heartbreak. Getting this info could save your next relationship. before it even starts! Authors of the 5 Steps to Find True Love online course bring this fun and insightful podcast with guidance, stories, and interviews to help you to make love last.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Backing Off from Divorce, Part 1

    Is your marriage in a downward spiral towards divorce? The decision is often emotional, but in this episode, we'll give you three (3) gut-checks to help you determine your truly best path forward. ...


  2. How to Avoid Divorce

    By the time you get to the divorce decision, that decision usually makes sense. But what often doesn't make sense is how you got there at all! You were once in love with the future as your playground, but now you either initiate or concede the end of your marriage. ...


  3. Year-round Christmas Spirit

    Find True Love: Did you have trouble feeling the Christmas spirit this year? Or, did you feel it in such abundance that you want to keep it going? Listen to this episode to hear the simple key to keeping the Spirit all year long! This could save your marriage; it ...


  4. Relationships: Dating Someone with Kids

    Find True Love: This episode takes a look at the challenges and the blessings of starting a long-term relationship with someone who has kids. There's a lot to consider! Children can bring challenges to the dating dynamic, but they can also be a true blessing and enriching addition to your ...


  5. Online Dating: What to expect

    The holidays is a hot time to decide to try out online dating. Why not? It has become the #1 way couples connect for the first time. It works, but it does have its traps, pitfalls, and challenges. Winona and Rob are products of online dating, and their Five Steps ...