The Love Effect

--- Winona & Robert L. Hollis ---

Heartbroken? Divorced?? Single-again??? We've been there. We get it! Heartbreak is real... but it is avoidable. The Love Effect covers hot topics like online dating, divorce aftercare, and healing after heartbreak. Getting this info could save your next relationship. before it even starts! Authors of the 5 Steps to Find True Love online course bring this fun and insightful podcast with guidance, stories, and interviews to help you to make love last.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. What's Your Why?

    What makes a relationship last? How does a marriage elevate to lifelong love? "Why" is the answer!Marriages aren't always pretty, but the best ones are rugged, can handle pressure, and last forever. Reflect, and then Find True Love here: #FindTrueLove ...


  2. Being Broken

    The key to avoiding a broken marriage is to be broken before you break. Huh?! Take a listen to discover what we mean. Reflect, and then Find True Love here: #FindTrueLove ...


  3. Relationship Priorities

    Keeping your marriage in perspective may be the key to making your marriage last. Reflect, and then Find True Love here: #FindTrueLove ...


  4. Loving Too Soon

    Why is it important to have a common faith with the one you love? How do you know they're 'for real' when they claim to be what you're looking for? The 5 Steps to Find True Love course ( does a deep-dive on this, but here's a quick chat ...


  5. What To Do When He Leaves You

    He left! That DAWG, right?! Well maybe not... maybe this is a chance to fight for love. Maybe a blessing in disguise. Check yourself, check his heart, then decide if you want him back. Take a good listen to see what we mean. Do your part, but have faith in His ...